Get The Real Thing – Jesus.

1) Forget religion. Forget rituals & traditions. They will only enslave you.

2) Stop trying to do good things to outweigh your bad or to earn your salvation, you’ll never be good enough because God is perfect. A drop of ink on a piece of blank paper is still imperfection.

3) Understand that when you sin against God’s standards (perfection) and when you do things against your conscience that God gave you, you have sinned against God and you’ve been separated from Him.

4) All sinners including you and me deserve to be punished by eternal death and hell because we’ve sinned against a Holy God.

5) But God loves you so much that He doesn’t want you to be punished. So Jesus died on the cross to take your punishment so that you don’t have to be punished and that you can be forgiven.

6) Jesus also resurrected on the third day to show that He is the only true God who lives and one day you can be resurrected with Him in heaven if you believe in him.

7) To receive God’s forgiveness and salvation, you must i) repent and believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, ii) confess with your mouth to God that you believe in Him and iii) DIE. Yes, die to your old self and decide to make a firm commitment that Jesus is now your LORD. This means that from now on your life is no longer yours, you live for Him.

8) Find a Christian to baptize you in water immediately or as soon as possible. This is an act of obedience and commitment to your new found faith.

9) Ask God to fill you completely and baptize you with the Holy Spirit so that you can be a powerful witness for the gospel. As you ask, start praising God and worshiping Him and He will give you a supernatural heavenly language (which you probably won’t understand). But this new prayer language will give you power to walk strong in your faith, so use it daily along with reading the bible, etc, getting to know about the kingdom of God.

10) Immediately start telling your family and friends about your decision and find a church or Christians that you know. But make sure you don’t go to a dead church where people just sit in the pews every Sunday and don’t do anything for God.

11) If you’re truly saved, you will do the works of God.

12) If you don’t know what to do or don’t know anyone, contact us, we’d love to walk with you in your new journey with God.

13) Remember you’re not signing up for religion, but a relationship with the one and only true God Jesus Christ.

14) Get trained to live and do the supernatural and miraculous works of God. Browse through this site or contact us.

15) Experience God’s love and presence in your life daily by reading the bible, praying and telling other people about Jesus.

16) Don’t just read the bible, do the bible.

17) Ignore anyone, even alleged Christians who tell you to calm down when you’re on fire doing the works of God and loving God.

18) Stay focused on God & the bible, not on the opinions of man.

19) Fear God, not man.

20) Know that IF YOU CONTINUE in your faith and commitment to Jesus Christ, then your name is written in heaven’s book of life and one day you will see God in heaven.

21) Repeat the above some more until you see God in heaven and He’ll call you a good and faithful son/daughter of God, and you will enjoy eternal life in God’s presence, His love, His glory and peace.

This is THE SINGLE MOST important decision you’ll EVER make in your life. If you’ve decided to make this lifelong commitment to the one and only true God Jesus Christ, then I’d like to welcome you into this big family of God! May you continue to walk in His love and power everyday, and feel free to contact us anytime for prayer and support. Be blessed!